The Communication Challenge

As pastors, we have no higher calling than the faithful preaching of God’s word. And beyond preaching, we also appreciate how critical it is to be effective in our broader communications – whether to staff, youth, congregation, or the broader community.

However, many pastors confess to a struggle in this area. You want your preaching to be impactful and life changing. You want your broader presentations to be clear and inspiring. However, your own sense (and sometimes the feedback you’ve received!) suggests there is room for improvement.

The Intriguing Prospect of Transformation

Based on over 25 years of experience and research (and using a set of proprietary tools), Oratium offers a dramatic breakthrough in your communication skills.

Our approach is intriguing – rather than the typical focus on the trivia of delivery, we place primary emphasis on “architecting” deeply insightful messages, and then delivering those insights effectively, navigating the unique challenges of the oral environment.

So, read on: carefully ponder the ideas and testimonies on this website. And then drop us a line. Here is an opportunity to transform your preaching and communication skills.